B is a great destination

According to the dictionary, to ramble means to wander aimlessly.

Not strictly true of course, since most walkers try to get back to the place where they started.

But there’s nothing quite like a linear walk – from A to B.

The great exploring pioneers of history didn’t make their name by wandering around in circles. They pressed on with a clear aim to get somewhere else.Image

OK….so Britain has been fairly well explored by now – but there can still be a buzz in walking towards a different destination to the one from which you started. You can get a real sense of achievement in finishing 20 miles away rather than meandering around your starting point.

Leave the car behind and discover the wonderful world of public transport. You’ll need it to get home.

After all, it was good enough for that great rambler, Alfred Wainwright.

There are good value day tickets – the Derbyshire Wayfarer, the Greater Manchester Wayfarer – that give fairly unlimited travel on buses and trains in the Peak.

If you’re not in a rush to get home we’re well placed in Derbyshire for the greatest of our national trails – the Pennine Way.

The M1 will only get you to Leeds, as will the HS2 train one day – but there is life north of Leeds.

Stepping on to the 265 mile Pennine Trail at Edale  you are guaranteed a quiet, beautiful direct walk to Scotland and will meet some great people on the way. It’s a tough walk and the weather may not always be pleasant – but you’ll get a free half pint at the Border Inn in Kirk Yetholm from  hospitable Scots who will be pleased to see you.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to get there and return by the east coast train from Berwick.

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